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Love Me Knots x Mohala Pineapple Charm (Pre-order

How to attach your Pineapple Charm to your sunglasses chain and sunglasses:

- Hold the smaller loop on the charm and link your sunglasses chain clasp into it.  

- Take the charm clasp and hook it into sunglasses arm in the chain hole furthest away from the lenses.  

-  The clasp attaches easiest to the sunglasses arm from the outside of the frame when you hold the clasp at a horizontal angle.    

Note:  Chains and charms only connect with the Leahi Chain frames.  They do not connect with any other sunglasses styles.  

*Each pair of sunglasses sends a girl to school. Learn more about Mohala's Mission here

*18K Gold Plated

*Handmade in Hawaii with Love

*** Will ship in approximately 1 week