Love Me Knots X Mohala Rollo Eyewear Chain

3 ways to wear the Love Me Knots chain:

1.  As an eyewear chain.  

2.  As a mask chain.  

3.  As a gorgeous layering necklace.    

How to use your eyewear chain:

- Connect your chain to a charm (charms are sold separately) by holding the smaller loop on the charm and link your sunglasses chain clasp into it.  

-  To attach the chain or charm to your eyewear simply hold the clasp at a horizontal angle with the lever facing the ground.  Link the clasp into the chain hole on the Mohala frame that is furthest away from the lenses. The clasp will only connect with this one hole.  

- To wear the chain as a necklace simply connect the two clasps together using the narrowest part of the clasp to link them together.  Charms (sold separately) can be added to any necklace chain as a statement piece.  

*18K Gold Plated Chain

*Handmade in Hawaii with Love

*Learn more about Mohala Eyewear and mission here