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Ying Chi Four Bead Huggies

Product description

  • Gold Filled Ball Beads

  • Gold Filled Huggies

  • Handmade in Hawaii with love

  • My grandma’s name is Ying Chi. Growing up I remember watching this cool & sophisticated lady with a skinny pipe cigarette in one hand & a cup of hot tea in the other. While enjoying the finer things in life, she was always down to earth & loving to her family & friends. Her elegant composure came naturally as she managed the household. As a female philanthropist, she continues to donate to St. Jude’s & to helping animals. She is an enormous inspiration, and a caring grandmother with a unique sense of fashion and style. Now, I am channeling her in our New seasonal Collection featuring an updated bold but classic style. “This one is for you grandma! We hope you can feel how much you have inspired the next generation of strong women”.