5x Surf Champ Carissa Moore in LMK!

Things we love:

1. Women doing what women do best, being badass

2. Carissa

3. Carissa in Love Me Knots!

 "I love LMK & wear it proudly" - Carissa Moore

Carissa Moore is a 5x WSL Surf Champ and recently also a Olympic Gold Medalist! We were over the moon to hear that she wanted to support this local Hawaii-based jewelry brand!

Carissa's favorite thing about LMK is our wide variety of pieces that are gold-filled and won’t tarnish when exposed to water which works perfectly for Moore since she spends most of her time in the ocean! Not only that but gold filled material is also sweat proof! - they fit in perfectly with her lifestyle!


Carissa (with her dog Maya) is wearing the Raja  II hoops, Apollo Mini Faith Hybrid Necklace, and  Custom Initial Necklace

Since Carissa is an animal lover she appreciates that the brand gives back to animals!


Discover Carissa Moore’s favorite pieces and the full collection on lovemeknotshi.com.

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