How to Care for Your LMK Jewelry

Please treat and wear your jewelry with care, always.

LMK jewelry pieces are mostly gold filled which means it’s not afraid of water and sweat. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still show it some extra love and care. We recommend cleaning at least once a week to maintain its shine. This is very important even if it has been sitting safely somewhere. Your skin oils, perfume, lotion, etc. that sits on your jewelry while in storage may tarnish your jewelry. NEVER store your jewelry before cleaning them.

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to clean your Gold Filled jewelry is to shower with them!
Use a jewelry cloth or a microfiber rag to gently clean after fresh water. If wearing into the ocean please be sure to rinse in fresh water immediately after. Store jewelry separately when not being worn to keep it from tangling and rubbing.