HAWAIIAN GAL IN L.A - Nanea Parker

We can spot a boss b***h a mile away and it didn't take long for us to be smitten and intrigued by this Hawaiian entrepreneur making it big in one of the most intimidating cities, Los Angeles.
Nanea Parker is the world's muse; her bigger than life bad ass attitude gives us the inspiration & power to grab life by the balls - with a fat blunt in the other hand (of course). Her style is intoxicating and her IG oozing smolder and seduction which translate into her brand - @lovenanea (NEA) - an eclectic array of astrological candles, art, 4/20 friendly home accents and decor that will make your home... well, SEXIER.
To top it all off she's also a dancer, artist, world traveler, AND cook?!
we are on board baby.


↳ Other than being a full time baddie what else do you do to keep yourself occupied?

Ah, thank you so much!  I love creating art: painting, drawing, working on my business, and also sleeping lol.  Cooking is also another passion of mine.


↳ WE ADORE NEA! Your magickal zodiac kandles sell out QUICK, and it’s no wonder why, they are incredibly unique. Could you give us a run down of the inspiration behind them and how they came to be?

Thank you so much!  Astrology and metaphysics has always interested me and I wanted to incorporate that with my love for candles.  I’m very witchy lol

I’m always burning candles or incense and using aromatherapy to heighten my senses and area so creating magickal candles with metaphysical properties just became another way to express those passions and share a bit of my knowledge as well.


↳Aromatherapy is also our sh**! What is your favorite go-to scent and what are its properties?

My favorite go-to scent is a mixture of cedar, patchouli, Hawaiian sandalwood, and a touch of Tiaré or Pikake…sometimes lavender; I love very deep, earthy notes.  I add a tiny bit of Tiaré or Pikake because I’ll catch a tiny whiff of the floral tones through the woody aromas and it’s a perfect little reminder of home.  Cedar is known for its calming properties, patchouli has depressant remedying properties, and sandalwood has grounding, relaxation properties.

↳Speaking about Zodiacs, what is your sign and what are the pros & con of being assign that sign?

I was born on September 25 so in western astrology I am a Libra right on the cusp of Virgo/Libra.  Libra is a masculine air sign ruled by Venus and the represented symbol is the scales…in the zodiac it is the only symbol that is inanimate–we are also a cardinal sign which are known as the “initiators”.  The pros of this is that we are very open minded, intelligent, fair, and being ruled by Venus, have an effortless eye for beauty, aesthetics and fashion.  As a Libra my cons are definitely overthinking, over analyzing, and the constant need for balance and perfection.  I’m a true perfectionist to the point where I’m consistently critiquing what I could have improved or done better/differently and being ruled by the scales, if anything is out of balance I feel like my life is completely out of order or falling apart lol.


↳ How essential is jewelry to your everyday wear?

VERY essential!  I feel growing up in Hawai’i and the culture plays a major part in that; we are always wearing our Hawaiian, shell, or pearl gold jewelry wherever we go–even the beach!  I may not always wear something on my hands or around my neck but I will always keep all six earrings on my ears…you will never catch me with naked ears!


↳ Using your personal style - how would you dress up a day in LA using 3 of LMK pieces?

I would definitely use the Raja V hoops on my ears, the Don ring and the Baller chain ring.  I like to incorporate ear and finger candy with outfits because it’s balanced, subtle, and adds the perfect amount of jewelry to any outfit without making it feel overdone.


↳ We know that you are at heart a Hawai’i girl and will always be a Hawai’i girl - we want to know, what is the difference between living in the islands and living in one of America's largest cities? 

The two main differences between the islands and the mainland I’ve come to face are nature and energy.  I’ve always wanted to be in the city and once I got there I had to relearn my body because it started functioning differently than from the environment I’ve been in my entire life.  I realized how important my roots are and being surrounded by nature impacted my mental and physical health.  I had to leave Las Vegas specifically for this reason; Los Angeles is a little better because the weather is a bit nicer and I’m at least by the ocean but as an island girl I’d do anything to be exploring through lush green forests or laying in the warm sand next to the crystal blue water.  However, the energy in Los Angeles is addicting; it’s vibrant, expressive, and free…in Hawai’i everything is a bit slower and relaxed whereas in LA, it’s fast.  You feel like you can do anything or go anywhere and that the possibilities are endless…I feel like I’m living in a dream or a movie sometimes lol.

↳ Describe your perfect day.

I’m honestly such a big homebody so my perfect day is a simple, self care day at home.  Cleaning the entire house from top to bottom while some Erykah Badu, Bad Bunny, or reggae is blasting from my spotify, cooking some amazing food, and burning candles + incense all day.  Oh, can’t forget the face mask, wine, and a good Harry Potter marathon while cuddling with my cat!

↳You are definitely a world traveler, what 3 or 4 pieces of jewelry you MUST always bring with you ?

Easy: Anklets, toe rings, and hoops…all gold of course.  I’m usually traveling somewhere tropical or during the summer so 99% of the time I’m in sandals or barefoot and there’s nothing sexier to me than accessorizing the feet–especially when you’re all tan and have a fresh paint job.  Gold hoops because they complete any vacation outfit.

↳What’s your biggest advice for girls who are interested in stacking their jewelry but are afraid to do it?

Don’t be afraid mama!  Explore varieties of looks, play around with jewelry styles you’re unfamiliar with, and have fun with it!  Switch it up and don’t be scared to be different or take chances on things…even your jewelry.


↳We see you have a fur baby! What’s your baby’s name and how did you meet?

Yes!  My baby’s name is Drako; he’s my best friend, soulmate and the love of my life!  I got him during quarantine when he was just six weeks old…I found him on craigslist and actually drove 3 hours from Vegas to San Bernardino to get him.  From the minute I saw him I knew I was meant to protect and love him and that the universe aligned our meeting…we’ve definitely known each other for lifetimes!


↳Lastly, we donate portions of all our proceeds to animal shelters across the globe, what are some organizations you think we should focus on and donate to?

This is so amazing and I love that Lovemeknots does this.

Some great organizations are Lady Freethinker, LCA (Last chance for animals) and Kitten rescue, all non profit organizations based in Los Angeles.


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