Jenna Bleu, our real life superwoman

We’re convinced she can do it all.
Jenna Forti a.k.a @J.Bleu is our real life superwoman. She triple majored in marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship (not to mention graduated early) all while getting her realtors license within the same year. Wait! That’s not all!
Jenna helped her mom & step dad revive one of the biggest names in surf clothing: Surfline Hawaii and Jams World as their creative & marketing head. Now to top it all off - she did all this while traveling the world with her friends and professional surfer boyfriend Zeke Lau.
Sounds a lot right? Nope, for Jenna balancing work & play just comes naturally to her.
Jenna has been a #lmkbabe since we first launched in 2013 - and since then has had us in awe of her brains and beauty, not to mention epic style.




↳How does wearing jewelry make you feel and why should people start wearing jewelry more often?

Wearing quality jewelry makes me feel chic, edgy and stylish. It's that finishing touch that completes any look. For example, I like to balance out an athleisure or boyish outfit with feminine layered necklaces and bold hoops or rings. Jewelry can make all the difference.




↳You’re running out of the house with no time to get ready- do you grab a necklace, bracelet, or a pair of earrings?

If I could only grab 1 thing it would be a pair of gold hoops. A good pair of earrings can instantly make you look and feel put together, even with no makeup on. I think earrings can be the most impactful since they frame your face.




↳Describe your personal style in one song

Oooh that's a hard one! I would say Wolf by Skott. Upbeat, empowering, full of love. ❤️




↳We are an all women operated company, why do you think it is so important to support companies who are not only women ran but also owned?

It is SO important to support women-owned and women-operated companies. When we support these businesses, we are supporting the ideas, dreams and visions of the women behind them.




↳Describe your perfect day

A perfect day to me is a perfect balance of work and play. I start the day with a coffee and a good workout, have a productive day of work, dip into the ocean at some point, and end the day with a home cooked dinner with friends.




↳We know that you are always near or in the water surfing with your boyfriend Zeke, how important is it to you that your jewelry be gold-filled?

With such an active lifestyle, I'm always in the ocean or breaking a sweat. Wearing water resistant jewelry is a must! Nobody has time for black and green marks on your skin from cheap jewelry.





↳We know you are a jack-of-all-trades, marketing, real- estate, and you even help with the marketing and operations of Jams World, how do you keep balance of all your work, and still stay mentally healthy?

Lists! I make lotssss of lists daily and put absolutely everything in my calendar. I can relax and focus on one thing at a time when I have a clear idea of what I have to do each day. Since most of the work I do is from home, it can be hard to completely shut off work. Doing things that force me to unplug and be off my phone, like getting out in nature and working out, helps keep me mentally and physically healthy.




↳You are definitely a world traveler, what 3 or 4 pieces of jewelry you MUST always bring with you on your trips ?

I always bring a pair of mid-sized bold hoops, at least 2 necklaces to layer, and a bold ring that I'm loving. Always gold!




↳What’s your biggest advice for girls who are interested in stacking their jewelry but is afraid to do it?

I think stacking jewelry can be such a statement. If you are nervous about being over the top, start with a super minimal outfit like a white tee and denim jeans, or all an all black look. Let the jewelry be the statement.




↳What is your pursuit of happiness?

Happiness to me is being completely present in the moment. Happiness to me is in the little moments, like a good meal with lots of laughs, watching the sunset with a loved one, or a cute outfit 😉. You have to be present to truly appreciate those moments, and not too focused on the big moments that can be fleeting.






Jenna has such a cool and clean vibe and if you love her as much as we do, give her a follow @j.bleu & watch her LMK styling video now!


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