Love Me Knots' #MamaMuses - Emily, Gadea, Leila

We interviewed our Love Me Knots #mamamuses to hear their take on Motherhood. Meet  Gadea owner and designer of Kisiwa Jewelry, Emily - owner and designer of Yireh, and Leila - lifestyle blogger mama of The Stay at Beach Mom - all unique boss mamas who not only embody the meaning of powerful, smart, and classy but executes it in a way most couldn't do even without kids!

Super mom? We think yes!

  • Describe motherhood in 3 words.

Emily: Abundant. Evolving. Transformative.

Gadea: Fulfilling, humbling, always entertaining 

Leila: Best.Thing.Ever

  • How do you (or how do you plan on) balancing work life & family life?

Emily: It's definitely tough. I have set days and hours that I work and try to only stick to those times that way I have weekends and evenings with my family. A perfect balance never seems to be able to be fully upheld for long though, and I'm just coming to realize that that's ok.

Gadea: It’s hard. I’m at a stay at home mom that also runs an online jewelry business and I end up working when they nap or go to sleep. I’m grateful that I can be at home and take care of them while working but it takes a lot more planning and determination to make it work. A few hours of daycare a week also help!

Leila: I’m still working on this one but learning to let go of mom guilt and to ask for help when needed but most importantly making time for myself.



  • Some say jewelry can last forever and can be a significant memento in someone’s life - Is there any significant jewelry that your mother / grandmother has passed down to you?

Emily: Yes, I have a vintage diamond rose ring that was given to me by my mother and it was given to her by her grandmother whose name was rose, and rose is also my middle name so it is very special to me. I wear it everyday.

Gadea: Yes! My grandfather visited the Grand Canyon in the 60s and bought a beautiful Navajo turquoise set (bracelet, ring and squash blossom necklace) that he gifted my grandmother. The bracelet and necklace went to my mom who then gave the bracelet to me (I’m working on getting the necklace too, haha). It’s a beautiful piece that I’ll cherish forever. 



What are your favorite things to do with your kid(s)?

Emily: I love taking my kids to the beach, and watching my two-year-old daughter surf with her dad, it is our happy place.

Gadea: I love going to the beach with them. Carmen just turned two and is having a blast learning how to swim!

Leila: Raising them in the ocean. I’ve always been a beach girl at heart but didn’t always grow up by the ocean. When I moved back to Hawai’i I knew this is where I wanted to raise my children one day now here we are



Covid has really change how we perceive motherhood - some say it has been positive, some say it has been negative - what are your viewpoints on raising kids during the pandemic?

 Emily: Overall it has been a positive experience for us, we have all gotten closer as a family unit and really had to get creative with fun at-home activities! I do feel very privileged though because we have a safe environment, my kids are still little so we didn't have to look into distance learning, and my husband and I still had our jobs. This is not true for everyone and it doesn't get past me how lucky I am to have these things.

Gadea: Thankfully my kids are small and I didn’t have to worry about homeschooling them during a pandemic! And hopefully they won’t remember too much of these weird years when they grow up. Honestly, as an introvert stay at home mom, my lifestyle didn’t change much during the pandemic. 

Leila: With all the division happening lately and kids not able to interact with peers at such a critical age for social and emotional development, I think it’s more important than ever to focus on raising our children to be kind not only to others but to themselves.


Any mama hacks to share with other moms?

Emily: We just started a sticker chart for my daughter Paisley which has been a really fun way to encourage her to try new foods, and do basic things such as get dressed in the morning without a fight!

Gadea: Roll with it all. Don’t try to control the little things because you can’t and they’ll just stress you out. Try to enjoy the chaos because it’ll all fly by! 

Leila: Freeze juice boxes for the beach! Works as an ice pack for the cooler and who doesn’t love a frozen juice on the beach!


  • Describe your perfect mother’s day. (ex. Wake up to your fave breakfast, getting a box of jewelry ;), kids on their best behavior, picnic, spa day, movies, etc.)

Emily: Getting some awesome custom Love me Knots Jewelry, getting to surf for six hours, and then a post surf acai bowl. That would be my perfect Mothers Day!

Gadea: Eggs Benedict for breakfast, beach day with my family where no one throws a tantrum, beach snacks while I get a tan, surf while dad watches the girls, massage, and date night to the movies while the girls sleep.

Leila: To be able to sleep in, then hop in the truck with the bags and lunch already packed, pick-up an açaí bowl then head to the beach for the day with my boys!


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