Panci, a Hawai'i household name & LMK babe

Crystal Pancipanci a.k.a @panci is a Hawai’i household name.

She is a self-made entrepreneur & stylist who creates and curates signature looks for some of Hawaii's most-watched A-listers, influencers, and brands.

Founder of PANCI STYLE, her work is featured in both Modern Luxury and Ala Moana Magazines- not to mention she has own segment on Living 808 on KHON!!

Most importantly though she is a Love Me Knots muse and we knew we needed to introduce her to you guys!

↳If you could design and name a piece for lmk what would you choose and why?

I’d name it the panci collaboration.

I’d definitely want to design something sentimental, like a locket. Something I can design with my daughter.

I have a daughter name Haley and she loves jewelry and I think it’ll be so special to do a project with her because everything we put on as women has to mean something especially for me as a mom, everything I own or purchase I know will be passed off to her , so it’ll be a special hand-me-down.


↳What are 3 pieces of jewelry that you’d refuse to take off - if you can live in it everyday?

Definitely my love me knots custom PANCI name plate, I’ve had it since it launched a few years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since! I’ve gifted it to many of my boss babes, besties, plus my team.

Another piece is definitely a pair of simple gold hoops.

Lastly an arm party. (We love this term btw ;)

Stack of baller bracelets.

↳Pick one: Cocktail dress with dainty jewelry or Street style with chunky jewelry?

Depends on the mood

Usually street style + chunky jewelry

↳Favorite place for a bite to eat?

If it’s in the morning - Bogarts Cafe in diamond head is my favorite place for a coffee, brunch, açaí bowls, all of it.

If I think ‘oh! I wanna go grab a bite to eat” it’s Bogarts.

↳What’s your sign and what can you confirm is true about your sign?

I’m definitely an Aquarius, and they say we’re the most independent, forward thinkers, and socially responsible, and a maverick.

You’re a innovative thinker and a social agent of the zodiac which is definitely true.

↳What is your pursuit of happiness?

To follow my bliss, live a life on purpose & create a life I don’t need a vacation from... To always have always the freedom to choose .

To be able to do what I love and while inspiring the world around me one makeover at a time. To always have times with people I love.

↳What classic piece of jewelry do you think will never go out of style?

Gold hoops + Diamond studs



↳Guilty pleasure shows you recommend us watching

Schitts Creek (Currently watching) insanely funny!
Emily Loves Paris : cute, sweet, fashion so good! 
Queen of South : for all my boss babes hustlers




Oh gosh there is so many.

The first name that comes to mind is Iris Apfel - she is iconic.

Also my mom, who taught me how to put this altogether from the beginning.

↳Lastly, what’s your favorite part about wearing jewelry?

My ultimate favorite thing about wearing jewelry is just that it’s the finishing piece, the cherry on top. There jewelry that pretty much fits every personality and style. Jewelry can be symbolic of a certain time or place in their life. Jewelry can inspire or re-inspire your wardrobe.

Jewelry and everything is encompassing right? It’s part of the creative process that for me is the funnest part of being a stylist.

It’s about self expression, exploring, creating, constantly finding different ways to a look work …. at the end of the day it’s all about celebrating you.

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