She's has 'it', meet Jade Alexis


Beauty, brains, ambition, and the sweetest personality - she's got it all. We thought angels weren't real but it does through Jade.
Starting her career pretty young in the popular 2000's pop group "No Secrets" Jade has been hustling since she was 13 and has no plan on stopping any time soon. Like a Mary Poppins' bag Jade has an unlimited amount of hats to pull out - whether it be modeling, styling, visual merchandising, brand development, marketing, singing, the list goes on and on!


You’ve dabbled in so many aspect of fashion however what job was your favorite and why? 

Being in the pop group "No Secrets" and signed to Jive Records was my favorite job. I didn’t realize it was actually my "job" at the time because I was so young! (laughs)  I was only 12 or 13 when we started!  I definitely didn’t realize the magnitude of what I was doing or what we were doing until much later.  Jive Records’ headquarters was in New York so we spent half,  if not most of our time there.  Just walking around in New York is inspiring in and of itself.  When we went on tour I always had styling ideas and would share them with our stylist.  Somehow, she actually listened to me and would make my ideas come to life.  So I would say that was really my start in fashion, and I didn’t even know it.  But the relationships I gained and the experiences we had during that time was definitely why it was my favorite.



↳ How does wearing jewelry make you feel and why should people start wearing jewelry more often?

One of my favorite fashion quotes is, “Give a girl the right jewelry and she can conquer the world.” I truly believe that along with the right shade of lipstick!  Jewelry can make a plain tank top chic or a dress look couture.  Looking the part and feeling confident is a lethal weapon for a woman.  



As someone who has been working within the fashion industry for so long, what is one jewelry trend you see becoming a classic? 

Classic trends of anything repeat themselves, that’s why they’re classic they just sort of morph into different forms of themselves or are paired with something new and that makes it fresh.  I’m obsessed with the 70’s and the disco era - I’ve always loved herringbone so I’m happy it’s back and think it’s here to stay. 



You’ve been in the limelight for most of your life and even now on social media people get to see aspects of your personal life that wasn’t the case pre-app - how do you manage or cope with it to keep a healthy mentality? 

Honestly, I take a lot of breaks from social media.  I’ll take a couple days or even a couple weeks off. Not because I don’t want anyone to see what I’m doing, mainly because I like to stay present.  I think it’s important to sort of break the habit of spending too much time with your screen and really connect with those around you.  I also feel more creative.  Sometime when I’m not being influenced by anything but my own creativity and life experiences is when I become the most creative.  It’s also very grounding.  Life is about finding that right balance.


We see you’re helping build up your Mom’s brand - Lotus & Lime - tell us more about having a fashion brand in Hawaii and what sets us apart from other cities like LA & NYC? 

Yes, I’ve become more of a consultant (laughs) I just say yes, or no to what works and what doesn’t.  

Even though Oahu has a huge city with a sky line of high-rises, Hawaii as a whole is very much like a small town.  The community throughout all of the islands is strong.  I think shopping small and supporting local is truly important to the people and you can feel the aloha and support from everyone, it’s amazing. You can’t find that just anywhere.  



What is your astrology sign and what is the one trait that is so ‘you’? 

One? Ugh that’s so hard.  Im a Capricorn. Capricorns are so complex!  Ok, I’m going to cheat and say two.  I’m a loyal goat for sure.  Once you have my trust I will be loyal to you forever. And definitely being ambitious.  Probably too much for my own good.  I tend to be a workaholic!


Describe your perfect day 

Catching sunrise on the beach, meditating, going for a swim or doing something active, cooking a delicious meal, spending time with my boyfriend, friends and my family, having a moment to read and ending the day with sunset, a lot of laughs, some jazz and a glass of wine.  



↳ 3 pieces of jewelry you cannot go a day without 

Lately? A simple gold hoop whether it’s a huggie or a small classic hoop.  I’ve been wearing a lot of anklet’s.  Chunky and simple.  I’m in love with my baller chain anklet.  And a little neck candy! 


As a stylist give our LMKBABES advice on how to own your bad- assness and stack your jewelry with confidence 

Wear what makes you happy not what’s trending.  Express yourself with no limits.  Be creative and explore.  There are no rules!



Use your favorite lyric to describe your personal style 

I’m obsessed with FKJ so I’ll say the chorus from FJK & Masego’s, Tadow “I think she was meant to knock ‘em dead like tadow” lol






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