Taylor Kondo: Helping Pioneer Hawaii's New Wave of Fashion Elites

If there's one thing for sure - Hawai'i has some of the most elite youth pioneering the fashion industry and Taylor Kondo is leading the front lines. A self made stylist who knew fashion was her niche when she helped produce a fashion show back in 2015 - Taylor has multiple titles under her belt including Freelance Stylist and Fashion Marketing Coordinator at Nella Media Group Network.. you know, just to name a few. When she's not crazy busy working Taylor also enjoys adventure seeking, Film Photography, and Meeting the local Frenchies.

As also a jewelry enthusiast Taylor was the obvious choice as our styling feature and we're so excited to introduce her to you!



↳Fashion seems to be an important outlet for you, what medium do you gravitate towards most?

Clothing styling is important to my identity because it allows me to visually express how or who I want to embody that day. It’s always evolving and changing with my lifestyle. It also translates into my freelance styling by creating a character within a made up storyline Ive created in my head. It helps to create somewhat of an character identity that I can run with.


↳Our new collection is called FLUENT IN ‘YOU’ what would you say your ‘you language’ is? 

I would say my 'you' love language is spending quality time with people who bring happiness and wealth of energy into my day!


↳How does wearing jewelry make you feel and why should people start wearing jewelry more often?

Jewelry makes me feel empowered. I tend to wear staples everyday, like a chain, stacking rings, a silver ID bracelet. If there is a day I forget to put on my rings I feel loss. Haha. I think it’s also part of self expression. Monday I’ll wear a chic sweetheart look with my best pearls then Tuesday I’ll tomboy it up with high waisted baggy pant and fantastic graphic tee paired with a strong Herringbone necklace. 

I think people should wear jewelry to feel the same. Everyone should feel empowered to accomplish whatever they have planned in a day. It’s a part of self love to yourself. 


In three words describe your personal style.

Color blocking, chic, part time tomboy


Tell us the most unique story/encounter when you were on set of a big production that made you realize that this is something you’re passionate about?

Head Assistant to Rance Chína and Samantha Feyen Mirror Mirror fashion show in 2015. That was my first big production project in my freshman year in college. Back then I knew I enjoyed styling but never dabbled into production. Working with Rance and Sam created a opportunity that showed me how much I enjoyed being helpful to create and executing with a team to bring a vision to bring to life. Always asking questions. It also taught me that passion and hard work will surpass expectations. Long hours and planning is put into prospective. All to showcasing a final product, an amazing fashion show! It’s translates into my work now at NMG Network. I call production days “game day,” because your team and yourself have put so much time planning in pre-production, to see your team work together flawlessly to produce amazing storyline content, makes me feel so filled!


Favorite place to grab a cup of Joe

Island Morning Glass plus it’s in my favorite valley, Mānoa!


What is your astrology sign and what is the one trait that is so ‘you’?

Aries; energetic.

I enjoy being around fun and unapologetic energy. I believe it helps me to actively take on new challenges.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A goal I have for myself is to live in Mānoa valley. I was raised in that valley all my life, I can’t see myself anywhere else! I hope to continue to work and thrive in the creative community in Honolulu and over seas to bring awareness of our rich community wealth found in our island. I’ll let the wind take me!


QUICK: a client wants you to style a streetwear look using love me knots pieces - what look are you doing?

The base of the look will have a recreational fabric like parachute material or carpenter pants. Paired with a sleek bodysuit under a mesh graphic top or a loose untuck graphic tee. Then adorned and layer together, the Rebel Old English Initial Apollo Choker and Tiger Eye Bottle Pendant Necklace. Gangsta Ring Version II, then to tie in the color element of the Tiger Eye Bottle pendant, either the Bella Dome ring or Baguette Ring Emerald/Diamonds (ya girl loves her emeralds and diamonds!)


What’s your biggest advice for girls who are interested in stacking their jewelry but is afraid to do it?

You are your own canvas! Arrange your stack around what you like, your personality and style. No rules! I love seeing all the different stacks individuals come up with. None are exactly alike. 

Start off with stacking rings, a cute stack combo always makes the heart happy. Stacking rings is a personal creation. Once you start to create your own stack, incorporating different types of metals/jewels. It’s a trend you can incorporate a range of rings from seasonal jewelry to fine jewelry. Or if your ever in doubt, start with sporting two of your favorite basic chains like; Lighting Bolt necklace and Gangsta II choker.



We see you also dabble in some film photography, what do you enjoy most about shooting film?

Thank you for noticing, you’re the sweetest! I enjoy the challenge of being in search of creating your own style. Just like any skill, the more you pick up your camera, your style will evolve. Through working with different lens, lighting and film. The look and feel of film can never be recreated. I adore that. But I believe the excitement of waiting to see your results, creates a healthy suspense in life! Not going to lie a bad roll will humble you. I’ve just discovered Porta 400/800 is my favorite at the moment. The cool tones with a dash of pastel hues make my heart flutter!



Taylor's feed is a whole aesthetic and if you love her as much as we do, give her a follow  @taykondo  & watch her LMK styling video 

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